Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What spark plug adds the most horsepower?

i have a 99 v6 mustang and im going to change the spark plugs and i wanna know which one adds the most horsepower?
What spark plug adds the most horsepower?
Horsepower is totally dependent on the bore and stroke of the engine and the condition of the fuel delivery system and condition of the ignition coil and wires. ALL new spark plugs will give exactly the same amount of horsepower. A good spark is a good spark--period. Once it lights the fire, the spark plug is out of the picture.

If you believe otherwise, you've fallen for marketing hype.

On the flip side, how LONG the spark plug can deliver a good spark IS open for discussion. That's where platinum and iridium come into the picture. They have a much higher melting point than ordinary copper electrodes. Since the hottest spark is one that just from a SHARP edge, you want a spark plug electrode that won't wear quickly.

The best metal out there for long life is iridium. Doesn't matter which brand.

Once again, don't fool yourself into thinking that one spark plug provides more HP than another, That's just advertsiing.
What spark plug adds the most horsepower?
spark plugs wont really add horsepower, their more efficient or accurate. that's all. they'll make an engine run better to its potential, like if your going from plugs that are very old and the gaps are wrong or are corroded, you'll notice a big difference. otherwise you wont notice more power, just cleaner or more efficient
Well the best are %26quot;Denso%26quot; kind of pricey but will add horsepower and performance.
what ever the OE spark plug is that is what you should put back in. Computerized cars have specific heat ranges that they are programed with so unless you have mods done to the engine I would stick to what the owners manual says to put in it. I own a 93 gt with the 302 in it and it burnt the living sh*t out of any of the hotter plugs. I paid $10 per plug for the denso iridium's and i was replacing them 6 months later. also, mustang don't like bosch, champion, or acdelco. I Auto light platinum's in mine and they do just fine. if you are looking for power, install a V8. that will help a lot ; )