Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deep well socket wont fit over spark plug?

I changed my spark plugs, all five but one. I have a 6 cylinder dodge dakota. i believe the bottom of the hole that the spark plug sits in is bent it towards the spark plug nut. its hard to explain. i couldnt get the socket to fit around the nut. i tried beating the socket in but it isnt working? can anybody help. i used a 5/8 spark plug socket.
Deep well socket wont fit over spark plug?
on that one i had to take a grinder and grind down one of my old ones to work on it,they will hit the block before the go on,there's also a possibility that someone may have cross threaded it,lets hope that didn't happen though,try another socket on it,that may work some are thicker than others and wont work in certain spots,if all else fails you have to grind one down and make it thinner so it will seat on it really good,other wise you may break the plug off in the engine,i hope you get it ,good luck ,and happy thanksgiving.
Deep well socket wont fit over spark plug?
i hope you get the threads straitened out on it good luck with it.

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bend it back with a hammer lol
the spark plug socket is supposed to have rubber in the deep end to keep from breaking your plug look to see if it is waded up in the end if not try different socket good luck
remove the heat shield first
That sucks...been there.... You need a THIN WALL 5/8 deep socket. The clearance is so tight between the cylinder head and the spark plug hex that you may think voodoo is necessary.

Don't hammer anything! If You can't find a thin wall socket....grind the one you have one the outside until it fits.

Good luck!!!!
just grab you a pair of pliers then grab the white part of the plug and break it off. and if it still winy work Then you will have to grind you socket down to fit in th area