Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spark plug changing help?

i bought 4 new spark plugs to do, i was able to gap and replace the two easy to reach ones, but than had to give my brother a ride to the doctor, i noticed while i was coming home the car started acting funny, when id reach a light, the car started to get jumpy. like a baby kicking in a mothers womb sensation, almost like the engine was all jumpy. . than id accelerate and the car would give an almost stalling sensations, and it started to make loud shitty exhaust noise. id keep the pedal down but it wasnt smooth, it would start to accelerate than miss, than pick up and miss...so on and so on. i got home and checked that all connections were secure, i pulled one of the new plugs back out to have a look, and there was dirt on the tip, by now im swearing and hoping that i just rubbed the tip on a dirty part on the way up and that it isnt inside the combustion chamber. would these problems be more likely to be caused by 2 new and 2 old plugs, or dirt that found its way into the chamber?
Spark plug changing help?
It sounds more like you crossed the plug wires. Check to make sure they are on the correct plugs.
Spark plug changing help?
It sounds like one of the new plug gaps was simply bridged by some debris of sorts and this would result in a dead skip. Finish checking and gapping the plugs and reinstall them along with the other two news ones and you should be good to go.
Those problems sound like you got dirt on the plugs on the way to putting them in. Dirt in the combustion chamber would be long gone by now. Those problems would also be caused if you got the wires to the plugs switched. Also do you intend to change the wires because you probably should, they wear out from moisture and oil.
no sir, the reason maybe that your old plugs were old and fouled therefore there was a weak spark and your fuel injectors needed to send more gas to make a %26quot;bigger boom%26quot; in the chamber due to lack of spark, (this is why you have a computerized fuel injection) and having such a bad fuel/air/combustion ratio your internals was getting gunked up, and (this leads to loss of power and excessive fuel consumption) but when u changed your sparks you now have that strong spark again, but your (ecu) takes a little time to recognize changes, so its still sending extra fuel to a now perfect strong spark is happening, so its makes your engine tumble, and about the dirt, it is from your piston/chamber but its only %26quot;cleaning out%26quot; the old gunk because of a bad air/fuel ratio, just have to keep revving and driving, it will go away ;), now your service engine soon might pop up, but it will also go away until it cycles out the old gunk and give time to reset the values in the computer, this will all happen automatically and soon.

your car is fine, sorry for so much info, but i guess for one to really know this is the bare minimum.