Friday, September 23, 2011

Changing the spark plugs in my car?

Its time to change the spark plugs on my car I have the basic Delco PLugs in their right now its what came with the car. But Delco makes a Platinum plug called the Spit Fire what are the benefits of this plug over the regular Delco plugs. Its for a 93 Grand Prix with 3.1L MPFI V6 with 177K.
Changing the spark plugs in my car?
The only advantage of a platinum plug vs. a regular or copper plug is that it lasts longer. You will not gain any additional power or magically make the engine run more efficiently.

I agree with above...just stick with what is recommended by GM. If they say regular copper plugs work fine, stick 'em in.
Changing the spark plugs in my car?
It does not need would be a wste of money
Platinum plugs take longer to wear out. That is the only benefit that I can think of.
I have heard of no other benefits other then they last longer. But I always stick with what it came with,even if I have to change them every 30K. Do they make those in the same heat range for your car? If so I guess you can try them,but again, My motto is if it is not broke, Don`t fix it.
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