Friday, September 23, 2011

Do spark plug wires really need to be replaced every time I change the spark plugs?

Do spark plug wires actually break-down with use?

Do they need to be replaced because of the possibility of damage upon removal?

You don't have to routinely replace any other wiring on a car/truck, what makes spark plug wires any different besides the high voltage (30kV).
Do spark plug wires really need to be replaced every time I change the spark plugs?
No...but they DO wear out over time. Many times they're damaged by tugging on them...I've busted quite a few this way when they're hard to reach. It's easy to pull the carbon filament (%26quot;the wire%26quot;) off the metal terminal (the part that snaps onto the plug.) The heat and leaking oil can wear them out as well.

I own a bunch of older cars and replace them only if I bust them or if they get to be about 100,000 miles on them. I recently bought a 1993 Buick with 190,000 miles on it. It ran a little rough (no surprise) and when I went to change the plugs, I found that one of the plug wires was completely worn through...and that the wires were the original ones installed when the car was built.

A set of plug wires for most domestic cars costs only about $ it's not big deal replacing them. (I have a neighbor though, who spent over $200.00 on plug wires for his Benz! That's more than I paid for most of my cars!)
Do spark plug wires really need to be replaced every time I change the spark plugs?
No they dont need to be changed everytime you change the spark plugs. I change mine every 50K miles..... Most wires will last the lifetime of your car. I had a burnt one so I changed the whole set.
As long as the Ht leads are in good condition then they dont need to be replaced. only replace them if they are falling apart or are melted :)
it depends on how many miles are on wires i like to replace mine about 50,000 miles because they go through drying out because of the heat through the wires and engine heat and when you replace them put a little grease on the spark plug before you put the wire on this will help next time you change your plugs
No not everytime, However, if you are doing it yourself, might as well change them out every other set of plugs at 40,000 mile intervals or as needed.

Alot of repair shops will tell you to change them, and they will charge you another hour's labor to do it. Instead of the 20 bucks for wires, it will normally cost you 30 bucks for wires and 50 for labor.

So best thing is learn to change them yourself and save some money.
no not every time about once every two years or so
They do break down over time, but as a general rule, they normally need replacing around every 60k miles depending on the particular car. Look at your cars service handbook and it'll say when you should be doing it.
I think yes or you are just throwing your $ away on plugs. They %26quot;burn up %26quot; on the inside. I just went thru all this with my car. IT's worth it to change them...and cheap.
So long as they don't show any damage the answer is no!!

Due to heat, electricity, moisture and sometimes oil in the engine bay the plug wires do breakdown over time. They will normally last atleast 60000-80000 miles.

To remove the boot from the sparkplug, grip the boot and twist it back and forth on the sparkplug to loosen it first.

Always pull the boot, never the wire when removing it from the sparkplug.