Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Before 100k mile on a 05 Chevy cobalt can i change spark plug or do i need to wait"?

I was told I don't need to chang them untill 100k, but other are telling me to do so. My car dosen't get up and go like it use to is this normal? I had it 3 yrs and only has 48,000 miles.
Before 100k mile on a 05 Chevy cobalt can i change spark plug or do i need to wait%26quot;?
you dont have to wait for anything you want to replace... that is just a recomended you can go that far with out doing it dont mean if it need it then or before.... any car should be tuned up every year.... when you notice a change in how its running then its time ... and you might need more than just plugs have you change the fuel filter or the air filter... heres some great info about keeping your car running well
Before 100k mile on a 05 Chevy cobalt can i change spark plug or do i need to wait%26quot;?
I would go ahead and change them. Spark plugs are not very expensive and could save you more than their cost in gas. A friend of mine had a Chevy pickup that had the same claim of 100k sparkplugs and when he had 99k on it he called me from lake and wanted me to pull him home because it wouldn't start. I did and when he took it to shop it was sparkplugs. They put a new set in and it ran just fine.
If changing the spark plugs will help, change them! 100k miles is the LONGEST you should go before changing them.
OK, spark plug must be fouled or damaged to cause a performance problem. They are an insulated electrode to deliver spark inside the cylinder.

Performance reduction is usually caused by restricted fuel or air filters or defective components or sensors in the Power-train Control Module system. The key word here is SYSTEM. If you have a spark plug problem that causes a misfire the system will detect it and turn on the Check Engine Light. Then if the misfire is continuous the light will start to flash, This is to let you know that it can damage the expensive catalyst. It's a good system. I would have the filters checked and replaced as needed, not the spark plugs. Have the on-board computer system data analyzed, not just a code reading. The computer system gives a good technician a huge amount of valuable diagnostic information if he accesses the different modes. Code readers can't access this data.

Your spark plugs should be good for 100K. That's design criteria for the 05. If you don't need to then why do it? Newer cars usually have COP (Coil Over Plug) technology , this eliminates the long high voltage cables. This ignition system also allows the computer system to detect variances in the current to each cylinder so that the system can adjust the spark as needed and detect unusual conditions in each cylinder. It's highly unlikely you need spark plugs at 48K. I would look elsewhere for the decrease in fuel economy.