Friday, September 23, 2011

Dodge charger rt spark plug question?

The maintenance scheduleon my 2006 dodge charger rt requires replacing the spark plugs every 30k. Too me it just sounds like dealer is trying to get money, i have owned alot of cars from beat up, broken down cars, to near luxury cars, and i have at least gone 60k without changing the spark plugs. What do you think? Do you think the sparks plugs last longer then 30k, or do you think the dealer is just trying to get extra money buy have customers come in every 30k for a spark plug change.
Dodge charger rt spark plug question?
30K is a lot of miles for the heart of the engine to take.

I change my plugs 3X per year or more.

This gives you the best performance

best mileage

cleaner burning engine

Less carbon buildup

And it is a pretty cheap thing to do.
Dodge charger rt spark plug question?
dealers are always smart in making extra money.
Come on open the owners manual to maintenance chart and follow it over to 30k and go down the list. If the car came with tungsten spark plugs yes 30k is just about right. Platinum Spark plugs I drive them until there is a problem 60 to 100,000 miles. Word of caution here misfiring engine can destroy your expensive cat converters. And by waiting so long to touch plugs they might not come out of the heads so well and if there connected to plug wires replace the wires and plugs at the same time (misfire) emission system damage.
The Dealer did NOT write the maintianence schedule, the manufacturer did.

When you buy the spark plugs from the parts store, the dealer does not make any money.

30,00 miles is TWO YEARS for the AVERAGE driver.

My 1968 Dodge Charger gets new plugs every 5,000 miles( a SMALL price for high performance.
Do what you want and accept the risks you take.