Friday, June 3, 2011

Why won't my truck start after changing spark plugs?

Have checked spark plug gap. Ran fine before changing the plugs.||| if you wiress aren%26#039;t cross you got the right plugs and set the correct gap and you wont tell us make an model then let me ask did you crank the engine with plug wiress disconnected cause if you did then the dist. is toast|||hmmm you probably got the spark plug wires mixed up

if you get a crank no start then thats probably the problem cuz you cant mess up a car that fast

just search your make and model on google images and look for a pic of the engine and see how the wires are lined up|||it%26#039;s because you accidentally disconnected something when you were doing it. does it crank? or crank no start? come on, need more info.|||you probably did not plug the cables in the right places in the correct sequence

|||spark plug wires not seated properly?|||did you gap the plugs to the right gap measurements?|||Double check the wires like the others said. Change your air filter.