Friday, June 3, 2011

How to change spark plug wire on a 94 Taurus Station wagon?


Can anyone tell me how to change the spark plug wires on my 94 Taurus wagon. The gas station wanted to charge us $500 to change them along with the distributor cap/rotor and spark plugs.

We found a video on how to do the others ...and its pretty straight forward. Please share any insight you may have.

Thanks|||Take the old ones off one at a time. Match it to a new one and put the new one back on in it%26#039;s place. DO NOT PULL THEM ALL OFF AT ONCE or you can easily mess up the firing order.|||They just snap on the spark plug on one side and the distributor cap on the other, just twist a little while pulling up on it. Do one at a time so you dont mix them up.|||Twist the rubber boot back and forth to remove the wire and use DIELECTRIC grease to replace them.